You can find on this page the India wine map to print and to download in PDF. The India wine regions map presents the vineyards and wine growing areas of India in Asia.

India wine map

Maps of India vineyards

The India wine map shows all wine growing areas of India. This wine regions map of India will allow you to easily localize all appellations and main grape varieties in India in Asia. The India vineyards map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Vineyards in India range from the more temperate climate of the northwestern state of Punjab down to the southern state of Tamil Nadu as its shown in India wine map. Some of India larger wine producing areas are located in Maharashtra, Karnataka near Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh near Hyderabad. Within the Maharashtra region, vineyards are found on the Deccan Plateau and around Baramati, Nashik, Pune, Sangli and Solapur. The high heat and humidity of the far eastern half of the country limits viticultural activity.

The heat and humidity of India wine region dictates many of the viticultural choices that are made in the vineyards (see India wine map). Vines are often trained on bamboo and wire in a pergola to increase canopy cover and to get the grapes off the ground where they would be more prone to fungal diseases. The canopy protects the grapes against sunburn and rows are spaced wide to help with aeration between the vines. Irrigation is essential in many of India's wine regions and since the 1980s, drip irrigation has been widely used.

India is home to several indigenous table grape varieties that can also be used in wine production with Anabeshahi, Arkavati and Arkashyam being the most common as its mentioned in India wine map. Popular non-native grapes include the Bangalore Blue (Isabella) and Gulabi (Black Muscat). The Turkish grape Sultana is the most widely planted grape in India, cover more than half of the 148,000 acres (60,000 ha) planted in the country. In addition to the imported French varieties that Chateau Indage planted, Sauvignon blanc, Zinfandel, Chenin blanc and Clairette have started to establish a presence in the Indian wine industry.